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   &  ALLOSAURUS fragilis

Jurassic dinosaurs - Camarasaurus & Allosaurus

Oil painting : 30" x  24"


The Camarasaurus was a large Jurassic sauropod that subsided in moist tropical plains. Camarasaurus had a small head with many spoon shaped teeth that assisted in chewing the tough fibrous plants of that time. With its long neck it could eat the fresher materials at the top of the larger trees and plants. Being a herd animal, the Camarasaurus was constantly bothered by predacious dinosaurs, one of which was the Allosaurus.

TIME - 156 - 145 MYA, Late Jurassic
RANGE - USA (Colorado,Utah,Wyoming)
SIZE - Up to 66ft (20m) long .

The Allosaurus was the main meat eating dinosaur of the Jurassic and the greatest worry of the herbivorous dinosaurs of its days. Allosaurus probably traveled in small group to assist each other in the attack on a larger animal, such as Apatosaurus. Allosaurus received its name based on some smal finds in 1877 and the first complete skeleton was unearthed in 1883 and 1884.

TIME - 156 - 145 MYA, Late Jurassic period.
RANGE - USA (Colorado,Utah,Wyoming)
SIZE - Up to 36ft (12 m) long.               

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