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QUATERNARY PERIOD - Prehistoric Animals
Million Years Ago

Quaternary period was the second and last period of the Cenozoic era. Quaternary period is divided into two epochs: Pleistocene and Holocene.   Mammoths roamed the lands. Cattle, deer, and of course, Homo habilis, Homo erectus, and Homo sapiens.

Wooly Mammoth Saber tooth cat Columbian Mammoth
Wooly Mammoth Saber Tooth Cat Columbian
Wooly Mammoth Mastodon Bos Primigenius
Wooly Mammoth Mastodon Bos Primigenius
Coelodonta Coelodonta Coelodonta
w/ young
in swamp
Dicerorhinus Kirchbergensis Arctodus simus Canis lupis
Arctodus simus Canis
American Lion (Panthera Leo Atrox)
American Lion
(Panthera Leo Atrox)

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